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August 12, 2005


liquid health supplement

I love chocolate cake.It is favourite of almost all peoples.You post fabulous recipe of making it.

anatomy of the knee

When the knee moves, it does not just bend and straighten, or, as it is medically termed, flex and extend. There is also a slight rotational component in this motion. This component was recognized only within the last 50 years, which may be part of the reason people have so many unknown injuries. The knee muscles which go across the knee joint are the quadriceps and the hamstrings. The quadriceps muscles are on the front of the knee, and the hamstrings are on the back of the knee. The ligaments are equally important in the knee joint because they hold the joint together. You may have heard of people who have had ligament tears. Problems with ligaments are common. In review, the bones support the knee and provide the rigid structure of the joint, the muscles move the joint, and the ligaments stabilize the joint. (Click HERE for a computer animation of basic knee motion (mpg file) courtesy of Rob Kroeger.)

knee braces

A modern knee brace has many design features that make it more sophisticated than a traditional, basic neoprene knee support. Our knee brace range features metal hinges and flexible steel struts that are designed to increase the support and stability for the knee joint.

Theo Bromo, High Priest

Me and my brethren are very impressed with your honourable work on Chocolate Cake, and find this one to be a true revelation:


Heh. Menschette?


You're a real champ!

(I'm still looking for the feminine form of "mensch")



Heh, sorry D! I'll try to find low fat / low carb / low everything recipes for next week, how's about that? :))



Ya keep this up, I'll gain all that weight back and have to wear my knee brace alla time!


Looks yummers.

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