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July 18, 2005



I can authoritatively state that these folks were drinkin' decaff when they had this lil temprest in a teacup of an "idea"...

It's an even worse idea than a coffee cup warmer. *sheesh* When you've brewed 10 or 12 cups, who's gonna let a cuppa joe get cold before refill time hits, anyway?



Mouse-Mug? Silly! Besides the fact the cable is too short and the mug is ugly. What about color!!


So what happen to love sight or your hand and spill your boiling hot coffee right on the keyboard. It will still short circut. Doesn't seem very smart. What was in their coffee when they thought this up


LOL! Scratch and sniff diet cards... you funny girl


Someone actually spent time coming to the conclusion the world needs a coffee mug mouse. I shutter to think what could be next: on-line church services, just leave an avatar; scratch and sniff diet cards, for all the food you miss. I could go on but...

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