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July 05, 2005



Oh! Of course!! LOL, why didn't I think of that, seeing as how I'm PMSing bigtime right now. Chocolate is a girl's best friend. :))

Cindy W.

Oh, forgot to add. . .

I bet that chocolate played a huge, but perhaps unnoticed, part in the fight for women's rights. Certainly there must have been hot cocoa passed around during cold protest marches, and I bet there were a few candy bars munched before and after the burning of bras.

I was the first girl to play on a "boy's baseball team" in my home town (early 70s), and peanut M&Ms definitely helped me make it through some tough times.

Women and chocolate have a long and supportive relationship. :)

Cindy W.

I read your blog yesterday and thought the same thing -- we must have been on the same wavelength. Great minds think alike! :)

By the way, my favorite beat song is "Twisted," by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (sometimes they're listed as jazz, but I first heard "Twisted" on a beat collection). I don't remember any references to coffee or tea, but certainly it was performed in plenty of coffee houses!

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