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June 21, 2005



I love green tea..


Yeah, that's it kazactly. Conspiracies and money mongers, a world of capitalistic lies, driven by holy buck. And it's depressing -- to be fully armed against the hype and marketing hypnotism, I'd need a whole lot more time, energy and brain power than I have now to educate myself. Most of the time I get lazy and drift in dumbness, just because I don't have the energy to research and learn and figure out what's true.


Yeh, Christine, I'm with you on the marketing hype. What a waste of hot air, eh? :-) I'd be willing to place some money on someone being able to make a connection between kids being dumbed down in schools (made less resistant to logical fallacies) and marketing strategies targetted at people who've been... made less resistant to logical fallacies.

The odds are good there's a connection... or so goes my latest conspiracy theory.



While I agree that all this hype about weight-loss if you drink green tea throught out the day is old tripe. I do enjoy a cup everyday. I mean who honestly believes that if they eat an excess of 3,000 calories a day and drink 8 or more cups of green tea with honey that they will lose weight?

I have actually known about the new Creame Bleand Drink at starbucks and while it looks like slime I can remeber the days when I would drink juiced grass thinking that it would make me healthy.

You can buy the concentrated box of Tazos Matcha on there websight. You should try it if you like a lightly meloned green tea it's quite good.

Bottom Line- We are living in a world of capitalistic fads and lies. Stick to the intuition your mummy gave you!


I'm glad to hear the green tea extract is working for your arthritis, D.

I'm certainly not trying to say that green tea is just hype, or placebo. I actually do believe there are benefits to be had there.

I just get angry at the way the marketing machine in this country takes whatever the latest trend is and mass-peddles it as the new magic answer to everything.


The jury _is_ in one one benefit: the COX2 inhibitors in green tea do work nearly as well as such things as Celebrex without the negative side effects. Has helped my arthritis enough that I've switched to a glucosamine supplement (that's helped even more) that contains the COX2 inhibitor extract of green tea.

Works for me. Significant difference in pain and mobility.

Of course, that's just my observation of symptoms. Wonder Woman's commented on signs she observes (the before and after stuff).

Placebo? Maybe, but that'd discount the actual research that's been done.

The other benefits green tea supposedly has? Well, maybe. As you say, the jury is indeed out on cancer, et al. How much antioxidant intake is beneficial? Which kinds ar most so? It's a race between the drug companies and faddists, isn't it?


Now that I've got my green tea extract in my glucosamine supplements (cheaper ones than what I was using with little effect before, BTW), I've been able to cut back on tea consumption and drink more of The Holy Brew again...


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