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June 29, 2005



A real dress-up tea party can be a LOT of fun. If the food is good and the atmosphere is just right, it can be splendiferous! It's one of my favorite things to do. I confess, though, I don't like it when things are too formal. I get uncomfortable with bigfat grandeur. But I love pretty tablesettings and centerpieces and candles and good food, and everybody all dressed up and shiny.


In the town I used to live in, that was about the only event during a good portion of the year--a tea party! I never got to attend because tickets were out of my budget, but it sounded marvelous. Upon inquiry, I was told that you have to dress up some and would probably not want to eat much beforehand as they serve a lot of pastries with the tea. How splendid! A shame I never was able to go.


Oh my gosh, these all sound like fun, but I would love to go to a 'real English tea party'! How much fun is that?!!

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