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June 15, 2005



What a great idea!!! I love that, I have to try it. One of my favorite secret vices is marsheeeeeno cherries. Oh, this is going to be so decadant!


These remind me of the "Cherry Surprises" my Mom used to make every Christmas. Instead of making a ball and "denting" the center for a candy or other embellishment, you "wrap" the dough around a green or red cherry. Voila. When you bite into it...surprise! A cherry. Heehee!

Nancy (who needs more coffee...or maybe that's less coffee...)


LOL, no worries there. As I said on ... some other post somewhere around here:

If you cook standing up, it reduces the fat / calories / carbs by half. AND if you EAT standing up, you reduce another half!!! So, by my calculations, there are no more calories, fat, or carbs in anything you make, as long as you follow these guidelines. Enjoy! :))


Oh geez..... what are you trying to do? Kill me? I mean, at the very least I should gain five pounds. lol.... yum, yum

Coffee Sage

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