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June 23, 2005



Heheh, sorry D! Didn't mean to sabotage your diet. [innocent smile, followed by evil laughter...] Hey Karen, thanks for visiting! My gramma taught me how to knit, but I haven't done any knitting for years. I'll prolly pick it up again sometime soon. I got into crochet some years back too, and then I tried quilting. I'm kind of a boxcar bum when it comes to crafts and stuff ... I never stay in one place too long. But I always come back. :)

kasturi aka karen

Hi, I love your site, especially the photo of the muffins in the baking pan! I have several blogs (!) and I think I'll blogroll you to my knitting one! This is fun!



It's sabotage, I tell ya! Sabotage! First, I get the cranberry-streussel muffin recipe in email, now this! But Mufflets? Nah... FULL SIZED MUFFINS for this puppy!

Oh, yum!

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