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June 20, 2005



I don't mind at all, Cindy! I'm glad to have your feedback here. It's good to hear from somebody who has actually used it. All I could do was give it a mention, since I hadn't actually tried it myself. Thanks mucho!

Kat, shall I send some beans over too? :)) That's one thing missing in the Velox - a grinder! How are you supposed to make fresh espresso without freshly ground beans!?

Cindy W.

I just bought the Tea-Zer tumbler at a local supermarket and happened to use it for the first time today, so it was fun to see your post. :)

I needed to run a bunch of errands this morning, and I brewed up some dong ding oolong before heading out the door. In general, I liked sipping tea from the Tea-zer. My tea stayed warm for a couple of hours, although really it had cooled down quite a bit after 20 minutes -- and that's while it was sitting in a blazing hot car (we had tons of sun in Seattle today). There was no nasty plastic taste or anything, which can sometimes be a problem with plastic drinks.

However, there are a few big problems that are tough to get past. First, the basket for the leaves is made of metal that really heats up when you pour in the hot water. The instructions say to leave the handle up to prevent burning yourself when you remove the leaves, but even then it's wayyyyyyy too hot to be comfortable. Why in the world did they decide to use a metal basket instead of a mesh with plastic rim (expecially since the rest of it is plastic)?

Second, the darn thing doesn't fit in the standard size beverage holder in a car. Every time I went to take a sip, I had to remove the tight screw-on cap then put it back on before laying the Tea-zer on the seat next to me.

Third, this is NOT dishwasher safe, which is a bit of a piddly complaint on my part, I suppose. The thing is, it's not a thermos with glass inside or some special clay pot. It's a simple plastic air-insulated cup, designed for ease of use when you're on the go. People who use this want to be able to dump out the leftovers (tea, milk, sugar) and then pop the thing in a dishwasher. I can just rinse when it's an oolong, but if I'd had a black tea with milk (my usual morning cup), which then sat in my car for a few hours before returning home to be cleaned, I'd like to be able to use the dishwasher.

The Tea-zer is also sold at hiking/outdoor outlets, but I have to say that just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. This is not a shatter-proof plastic, and it is nowhere near as sturdy (or insulated) as a good thermos. On the other hand, it's perfect for a walk in the park or an evening stroll through the neighborhood.

I've said a few negative things about it, but I'll probably use it again (until I find one that's just a tad bit slimmer and will fit in my car's holder). The tea was good, and it's nice to see the color through the clear plastic.

I hope you don't mind my using your blog to post a review, but it seemed like a good setup for one!


Just letting you know I have a birthday coming in August and that Velox would be just perfect: wrapping optional!

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