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May 10, 2005



Good Morning Christine and David,

Christine, my female lab actually eats the green coffee beans when they fall out of the bags!! I try to get them out of the bags before I bring them into my workshop.

Both my labs love burlap!!!. I do not allow them anywhere near the materials I use. How ever, as I cut the burlap to make the bags I throw the scraps on the floor in my cutting room to all be picked up at once. My labs crowd each other out on the pile playing king of the hill. I now have to make two piles! My scraps go to a local nursery to be used for plantings, wrapping, etc!

"Probably because it /is/ from recycled materials and has some of its former "life" still hanging around."
posted by David :
FYI: My fabrics are either new and are the left over fabric from finished decorator projects or are made from restructured decorator items and garments that I have throughly washed and/or cleaned

I am so glad you like your bag Christine! They make great gifts also. It's so easy being green.


"LOL, David you're showing your age."

Eh? What's that, dearie? I cain't hear you; I'm a little deef, you see...

(More coffee. NEED MORE COFFEE!!)


LOL, David you're showing your age. You're right, it must have some really good smelly history, whether coffee or some other scent. Hey, Debra, do you have dogs? I would laugh if my coffee dog had really developed a taste for coffee odors.


" I absolutely love it! (And so do my dogs, for some reason... )"

Probably because it /is/ from recycled materials and has some of its former "life" still hanging around.

Like "recycling" as it's now called. We used to call it "thrift."


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