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May 03, 2005



I love scones. Thanks for all the neat information


Just finished making a batch, 1st and last impression-
Must be "the stone of density" by default a Scotish thing. That was my very thought at the texture of this thing actually feels like rock or plaster board! Hate to think this is good breakfast food anywhere....
Glad I'm French! Gimme a doughnut, croissant,pastry or bagel any day. Heck Dorito's look good up against these things.


Apparently, the Gaelic for scone is sgonn arain. Sgonn means block or big slice and arain means bread.

thank you this was so helpful for my report

Carolyn Altringer

I am looking for a recipe for sweet potato scones which I had recently and they were soooooo good!!

Jacqueline Meier

I tried the orange poppy seed recipie for a tea party and i got so many compliments on it every one loved it and i did too! Thanks so much!2007

 Miriam Shaw

Excellent article...and as enjoyable to read as it is to eat a scone and sip a cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate. All I hoped to learn was the history of scones, but I learned much more, and enjoyed every bite. Thank you!

Sandra Maginnis

"Is it a gaelic secret? Anybody?"

It is derived from the Gaelic word "SGON" which means "mass or large mouthful."


The Gaelic word sgonn means "a shapeless mass or large mouthful" according to the Joy of Baking.


try marion cunningham's recipe for cream scones in "the breakfast book." it's lovely and delicious. i add dried cherries, orange zest and some chopped up bittersweet chocolate.


Hi Libby, That's good to know, thanks for your contribution to our knowledge pool. :))

Libby Lamb

Interested to read your 'is it skon or skoan'. In Scotland it is 'skon', but Scone near Perth is pronounced 'skoon'! The Stone of Destiny has now been returned to Scotland and is now in Edinburgh Castle.

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