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May 06, 2005


Shelly Hanes

I am looking for the china pattern Lizzie is using at Aunt Phillip's house in the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle movie

Thank You

Christine Torres

Hey David, Nancy, thanks very much for visiting and linking! I'm tickled. Funny, I don't mind being an insignificant microbe. :)) I feel a kind of a perverse honour to be at the bottom of the slime pile. Nowhere to go but up, and all that!


I just found your blog and it's now a part of how I start my day...with coffee in hand. :)

Great site!



I'll link to your site (I love doffee, don't mind tea—mostly drink green tea for the COX2 inhibitors). There are a couple of posts I think I'd like to comment on (running as fast as I can) and I can think of another couple of coffee heads/pop culture observers I'd like to recommend pay you a visit.

You'll not be an insignificant microbe for long! (Hey, I'm just a slithering reptile, so it's not that far up the ladder. :-)

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