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May 05, 2005



Mexican coffee
chocolate cups
mocha Kahlua
whipped cream or melted wicked good ice cream

Make the coffee, drop the chocolate cup filled with the mocha Kahlua into the coffee
top with whipped cream or the melted ice cream

good good good.
To make the cups take block chocolate and melt in a double boiler, Brush the melted chocolate into a small cup cake tin, the tiny ones. Keep brushing until it is a thick cup.

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Oh, posting your recipe on your site and sending the permalink as well is a good thing. The host will do a blurb and link to your recipe. New visitors might then find other things to check out.


Yes! A "traveling carnival"! This week, Boudicca's Voice is hosting it. Bou's Celtic heritage (well, and her blog's name) have led me to dredge up my modification of a mock haggis—Crock Pot Mock Haggis. Gonna dump stuff in the crock pot tomorrow a.m. and come home to some good eats...


Entry is simply by sending the recipe to bou via recipe-dot-carnival-at-gmail-dot-com (all the typical dot to "." type translation, of course.

It's fun—and incentive to keep exercising, so I can actually afford to cook and eat some of the recipes. :-)

Christine Torres

Thanks for the tip, David. I have a few recipes I might submit. So it's a sort of floating carnival?


These look gooood! You ought to enter this kind of thing in the Carnival of Recipes. Send an email to "recipe dot carnival at gmail dot com" (Yeh, spambots are making spelling out of addresses a real pain. :-)

Send in a permalink to the recipe post by Wednesday or Thursday each week. Hosts change, so checking in at is sometimes necessary.

Glenn Reynolds usually notes a new Carnival is up along with the link, so checking Instapundit Friday or Saturday will also usually lead you to the week's Carnival.

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