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May 04, 2005



oooo, that cookie recipe sounds so good! I only have one concern -- my horrible habit of eating the cookie dough. When I make a regular batch of chocolate chip cookies, a lot of the dough somehow jumps into my mouth. I'll have to make a batch of your javascript cookies and see how the coffee powder affects the flavor of the dough.


Best for dunking? New this week!

Javascript Cookies™

Second batch lasted no longer than the first batch: gone in a flash.

Oh, second batch was modified with... MORE COFFEE!

Christine Torres

A dunkin stick? I don't know what that is! I want one! If it's too fattening and too sweet then I'll surely love it. *sigh* Isn't it sad that everything that's good is also bad for us in some way?


The dog is a cutie pie!

I don't know about chocolate chip cookies with tea, hmmm.... nope. But with coffee? yummy.

My favorite thing with coffee is a dunkin stick. You know that ones. Too many calories, too sweet, and really good. *wink*

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