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April 17, 2005


Commercial Coffee Machines

Openning a coffee shop can be very ricky for the places where people have lots of choices. I am planning to have one more shop in the district area.
I hope this might help me.



Just tea and cofee bar works?
I think we need tohave some more things to provide as breakfast of quick meal or something.

Jay@ loose green tea

It's really essential to learn the "ins and outs" of this business. I've been planning to have a kiosk in our place but I'm a bit hesitant. Thanks for all the links above, it would help a lot.


We are moving our small tea kiosk in a multi-booth marketplace to our own retail space where we will have room for a few small tables to serve tea. Where do you find a good tea urn? Thinking we could have a brew of the day available.

rajendra kumar nahata

if anyone is wants a high quality green tea its available with us , directly from assam . in a very reasonable rates .
[email protected]



I am looking forward to open a tea house in India. I am currently a student and wish to start off asap. The links provided are pretty useful and if there is anyone who would like to share his/her story of opening a tea house/room, please do so. It will be very helpful to me.


if anyone wanna real high quality Chinese Tea,plz contact me.We can ship tea directly from China.

My MSN:[email protected]


wowowo,am I lucky or what. me and friend have just started to wrok on opening up a small tea/coffe kiosk and I came across ure site. this sure looks helpfull. thanks. ure blog sure will b of great help.

Antonio Leite

Javaxotica high essence tea is different. high essence tea brand teas are culinary-inspired creations – blended in small batches and made with the finest loose tea, freshly hand-cut spices, vanilla bean, dried fruits, nuts and artisan ingredients to create unique and colorful blends that stimulate the eyes, nose, and palate. As we say, this is not your grandmother’s cup of tea!
In addition to loose teas, we also offer our own sheer tea pouches, convenient extra large tea pouches for making iced tea, and TeaRubs for chicken, fish, pork, beef and vegetables. The perfect way to spice up any menu!
At we take pride in our products and are constantly working to serve you better. If you have any questions, suggestions, or are looking for something in particular, let us know. We love to hear from our customers! Please blog at After five years, our teas are now enjoyed throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.
As we move forward, between one sip and another, we continuously look for ways to expand our product offerings. As always, we'll be sure to offer you the finest tea, tea accessories, and service.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our products for your tea program or retail space. Whether served hot or cold, or with steamed milk as a latte, we invite you to indulge your customers with each cup!


I am currently working on a project paper. The price of tea is 23.50. What Can I do to make it $29.00

any sample of reserch done before.


Dear Rebecca,

Did anyone help? Bob


Hi, I am doing a project for a business communications course that I'm taking. It involves creating a business. I decided for my business to be a tea house. I have to write an eight page business plan and also create a powerpoint presentation for this project. I was wondering if anyone on here could give me some ideas on how much it would take to open up a business as such and if anyone has any ideas that they could help me with. Thanks.


Title:- Coffee Beans,

Description:- All things coffee, coffee beans, coffee makers, coffee articles and reviews online.


We have a new coffee and soon to have tea site...enjoy!!!!

Aaron McKinley

is there any one in the Vancouver area that I can talk to about opening up a tea shop get some info
and idea's on how I should start

Christine Torres

Great Greg, thanks much!

Greg Balanko-Dickson

Nice resource of links and summary of available business information on the coffee industry.

I will be linking to your site from my blog and recomended that anyone interested in the tea or coffee business check it out.

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