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April 21, 2005



I am a drinker and distributor of JavaFit Functional Coffee. As a matter of fact, we own the trademark, "functional coffee", as of 9-21-09, we are a publically traded company, and will soon be closing negotiations with a roaster in Canada to expand beyond the US. Anyone who is interested in a FREE sample, which is one entire pot of coffee, shoot me an email, and I would be happy to send to you.

You can also visit my website:


Robin Ells
[email protected]


Great Article!

I haven't tried joe, but I did see JavaFit mentioned. I actually drink JavaFit and I can tell you its a Great tasting coffee. I highly recomended.



I've been doing some research on the web about JavaFit for about a day or two, and it just sounded really interesting. One article said that it works just like Hydroxycut used to - so I couldn't help myself and I ordered a box of their coffee bags (like tea bags, but it has coffee inside). I wonder if it really tastes just like coffee!


i've heard the name javafit being thrown around a lot lately. being completely addicted to coffee i just have to know.. has anyone actually tried it???

Christine Torres

Thanks for the link, Karla, I'll check it out. My coffee just arrived today. I haven't tried the JOE yet, but the Florida is outstanding. Deee-lish.

Debra, I love those totes! I would have a hard time choosing between the La Florida and the one with the Ethiopian logo. I'll be emailing you shortly!


Good morning,

You mentioned the Peruvian La Florida! Great coffee! Hope you enjoy it!

I make tote bags from recycled, repurposed burlap and sisal coffee sacks. I just happen to have a tote bag made from that particular sack.

Please see it and many others at

10% off if you mention this blog!!!!!

Every TPL needs a cool tote bag to take to tea parties

I would be very interested in advertising on your site. Please e mail me.

Thank you and you have a very wonderful website.



Karla Burds

For functional coffee, go to

A company called Javalution has come out with a couple products called JavaFit Burn and JavaFit Energy.

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