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March 25, 2005


Heidi Peterson

Disregard my previous question. I just did some research & found the answer! White=15 mg, Green tea= 20 mg caffeine; per cup.

Heidi Peterson

I'm trying to decrease my caffeine intake. I see white tea offers alot of health benefits; but I'm still wish to know which of the teas,(white or green), contains the least amount of caffeine?

Blooming Tea

Nice to know about white tea, but I still prefer green tea, much cheaper and readily available almost anywhere.


We are a Peruvian company that sells worldwide, coca tea, flour of coca and coca extract, our email is [email protected]

Tea Manski

White teas come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, just like green tea, oolong tea and black tea. But white tea is picked early in Spring when all the leaves are still in a bud and covered with fine white hair, hence the name, white tea. Production of white tea is similar to green tea with no fermentation but is even more subtle - the finest white teas are dried in the natural environment and always hand selected. The flavor of white tea can vary from light, sweet, savory or velvety Hope you enjoy this information1


cool... this helped me w/ my science fair project


Thx! :)


you can get coca tea legally at , they ship directly form the US , they only bring the highest quality teas under export quality norms. It only takes 2 - 3 days for delivery. I'll be scare to buy something from South America.


You have very nice site!


Did you know???:

Coca Tea-
Benefits of this tea:
Revitalizes restores and energizes
Elevates brightens and controls moods
Controls your need for sleep
Helps digestive processes
Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates
Acts against fatigue and altitude sickness
This is a great pharmaceutical remedy and an excellent nutritional dietary supplement.
The analysis for 100 grams of the tea show that it contains high volume of potasium, calcium, Magnesium, Iron, vitamins and all elements necessary in a daily diet.

Coca Flour-
This green color flour is used as a herbal medicine, great for treatment of osteoporosis, parkinson, hair loss, physical tireness, stomach aches, headaches, etc. Just mix in 1/2 a spoonful in yougurts, juices, water, milk, etc.. Used as a quick "pick me up" or when you have time to bake or cook your favorite dish. The coca flour is a great alkaloid, great for your bones, nerves, immune system, skin, hair, nails. Boosts your metabolism, gives you energy, lets you concentrate better and much much more... Super great if you dont have time to heat up water and wait until it cools off to drink it because you are in a rush.. Use it anytime during the day.. Better if used on breakfast and B4 going to sleep.. This Coca Flour or Harina de Coca as the peruvians call it is the #1 hit in Peru right now. Everyone loves it. No more of those drinks that give you wings or taste like medicine that have all those ugh nasty chemicals in there.. go for the smooth with great aroma tea, get the real and natural stuff.. Straight from the Inca home, harina de coca.

I get my shipments of coca tea and coca flour from [email protected] they give you good deals.. email them.. Take my advise on this i get the tea and the flour from them and are good and fast. I dont think they have a website tho... their price is cheaper than other websites seened around..


Epidemiological studies show that people who drink green tea have significantly lower risks of many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and stroke. Laboratory studies show that green tea extract protects against, and may be an effective treatment for many common degenerative diseases.


Does it really stimulate the immune system or is it just a way to popolurize your product? I'm sorry but I've to ask this because I've been fooled by number of people lately. :(

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