soul shatter

birthing a self

Healing Tears

Broken Heart

Angry child

Who am I?

I'm a forty-something ex-special ed teacher, former musician, occasional artist, and writer wanna-be.

I am...

Little Me an old woman
a little girl
a fragmented soul on the healing path
sometimes frightened
sometimes brave
sometimes loving
sometimes ... not.

I am a seeker, gardener, animal-lover ... and a crier.

And most people who know me would agree that I'm something of a frootloop.

I originated from one of the greenest parts of the world - the Pacific Northwest. Not quite as green as Ireland, but close.

I now live in one of the brownest parts of the U.S., the Arizona desert, with my S.O., two dogs, and whatever wild animals and birds come to play.

I've been self-employed for almost 10 years. It always surprises me to say that, because I never EVER thought I would be an entrepreneur.

Well. I'm not, actually. I work for myself, but I don't fit the entrepreneur profile. I'm not a go-getter, I don't have good sales abilities, or great ideas for making money. I enjoy not having a boss, but sometimes I hate the responsibility. I do enjoy what I do though.

I suffer with some undiagnosed and seemingly undiagnose-able health problems. That makes it sometimes hard for me to go do things that normal people do and take for granted, like grocery shopping, and walking the dog. Thankfully, there are delivery services for most things, and we have a huge back yard for the dogs.

Sometimes words aren't enough. The images in the sidebar say it better. Each shows a different part of me.

Oh yeah, and the photo on the right here is actually me. I was 3 1/2 when this was taken.