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I was just tuning in and not 30 seconds after I did so, the eagle on the eggs retracted its head, looked straight up and opened its beak as if in welcoming cry, and its partner landed next to it in the nest.

S/he (Eagle #2) moved around a bit, and they "spoke" (I watched their beaks open consecutively and briefly, as if in conversation). Shortly thereafter Eagle #1 stood up (they looked identical, btw), revealing the two eggs. S/he ruffled its feathers for a few moments, and took off.

Eagle #2, now on shift, poked its head into the far side of the nest where #1's bum had been, and seemed to eat some poo, lol. Then #2 settled down onto the eggs faced in the opposite direction as #1 had been, moving bits of nest around here and there, "housekeeping" as it were.

So very very cool and privileged to have witnessed that.


Hi Christine! It's so GREAT to see you posting here again. :) Thanks for the link to the eagle cam...I just spent a half hour watching it. (No, I have no life...)

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