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Yeah, it's warmer than usual here too, which always makes me fearful about summer. If it's this hot now, how bad will it get in a few months???

Don't be too jealous Nancy. Those flowers are just a small corner of my yard, the rest of which is brown and dry in the drought we're having. And the purple and yellowish beauties are only as big as my pinky fingernail. I don't know what they are, but they're so beautiful.



Really warm for February (Thank You, Gloobal Warming!--heh), moderate rains for this time of year. Crocuses are emerging.

Inside, my pineapple has survuved being left out to freeze one night during an unexpected snap last fall, and seems to be making some sort of recovery. My baboo (started from a cutting a few weeks ago) seems to be thriving in a pot where I planted five Anasazi beans on Saturday (they are already sprouting--looks like I may get my chance to dry some for seed!).

The animals are all glad for the lack of a really cold winter. The dogs are outside boys (with almost daily visits indoors), and have thrived in some really harsh weather in the past denning up on the South side of the house, where there's cover AND winter sun, but this year have been able to get by without even developing much of a winter coat...

Strange weather, and possibly to get stranger still...

Still, that's what weather and climate do: change. It's just the way it's always been. I think I'll just enjoy the benefits for now, like your beautiful flowers.


What beautiful color! Where do you live, Christine? I'm so jealous! ;)

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