• The realm of the soul is the realm of dreams, of creativity, of emotion, and the true spark of life in every life.
    Christine Torres

    Dreams show us how to find a meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us.
    Marie Louise von Franz

    We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth.
    Carl Jung

    Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either.
    Golda Meir

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D, thank you for saying so. :)) I wish I felt it was true.

Cin, I tried to do a short answer here, but it seems I suffer from excessive verbosity, so I'll try to type my answer up as a separate post. Thanks for asking, it helps me clarify my thoughts.

WearyHag (your moniker always makes me chuckle), thanks for your comments. You hit it right on the head, gaining one's own approval is the thing, and sometimes the hardest thing. It's something I'm still striving for.

Weary Hag

I loved this post. I can very much relate. I spent way too many years of my life seeking approval - mainly from my parents, but also from sisters (especially one who had a knack for being cruel to me) - and then it seeped over to all the people who I became closest to.
It wasn't until my mother passed away when I realized that life is going to cycle itself through whether or not we ever attain approval from others. It moves quickly... and it can be SO wonderful to find your OWN approval. That was it. I never really quite approved of my own self till then. Finally, I felt like I could let go of those old "demons" as you put it. At least in most cases. It still tries to come around on occasion; more as a habit than anything else.

I really enjoyed this read. And good for you in breaking that mold with your students. Wonderful!


Yet again I've had it happen - I read one of your posts and recognize a little of myself. You've tweaked my interest - what is a yin-polar type?

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