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Good to see the boy having fun. Here, our three are indoors cats. They have the run of upstais and down, so it's not all that restrictive. One was a "stray" who adopted us as a kitten and roamed the neighborhood for her first couple of years. We let her use our garage for shelter and fed her until one day she sneaked in past me and hid, refusing to leave.

Still here, refusing to go outside. Must be something really mean she doesn't wanna face. heh


When I was a kid, our cats were indoor/outdoor cats. As I got older, I realized they needed to stay indoors (different cats) for safety's sake.

My first cat was a stray and used to being outside until he found us. He hung around for about a week until I let him in the house (I was a year old). So he knew his turf early on.


My two stay inside all the time. When I was younger, two of our cats were deliberately poisoned. That made us confirmed keep the kitties inside people. Now coyotes roam nearby and critters are disappearing, especially cats. Inside is safer for my two.

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