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Indoor or outdoor, that is the $64,000 question.

My first cat, Kitty, was an outdoor cat. We tried to keep him in but he howled and whined and made such a PITA of himself, my mother's husband got fed up and let him outside. Kitty used to come in to be fed, when it was yucky out, or whatnot. He was happy this way, but never much of a lapcat.

Claw the Chill Kitty was my next cat. I kept her in because I lived on Mission Hill then Central Square, Boston and Cambridge, respectivly. When I moved back to my mothers in suburban Boston Claw was let out by my mother after Claw ruined the dining room curtains. She was still a lapcat once she was allowed out.

The cats I have now one goes out and two stay in. Harely is my outdoor cat, but started out as an indoor cat. He's a wicked lapcat still. Caesar stays in and can only go out on a leash due to the fact that he's declawed (he came that way, I think it's torture and inhumane to declaw a cat). Francesca, my kitten, will go out once she is fixed, probably in September.

So I guess the short of my story is that I believe in outdoor cats when it's appropriate. We live in rural NH now so there aren't many cars for them to get hit by. And although I don't want Harley to become food for someone else, I would be less upset if he was part of the food web and nourishing something else than if he became a speedbump on a busy road like Claw did. Her death was senseless and very upsetting to me due to the fact that her death was caused by a hit and run.


Thanks for your comments everybunny!

Cat trees. Great idea. I saw a show on tv where a family had built cat walks in their place. Shelves and steps and climbing things along every wall and hallway. The cats could climb and walk literally all over the house, 8 feet up. I think that's such a great idea! But sadly, my aunt's place is really REALLY small. One room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Maybe one of those climbing hutch things in a corner would help keep Biscuit entertained.


Our seven cats have always been indoor cats. One or two have been brave enough to venture outside but stay close enough to get back in quickly. To satisfy their longings, they have access to a sunroom with cat trees and a high hot tub lid to sleep on. They have bird feeders outside the glassed in walls to watch the wildlife and wind chimes for diversion.

Put a leash or halter on them and they lay flat on the floor, will not move, and try to make themselves as small as possible.

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