• The realm of the soul is the realm of dreams, of creativity, of emotion, and the true spark of life in every life.
    Christine Torres

    Dreams show us how to find a meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us.
    Marie Louise von Franz

    We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth.
    Carl Jung

    Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either.
    Golda Meir

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I am going to try this, soon! The problem is life keeps getting in the way!! And I don't have any immediate plans for travel. But one of these early mornings, I'm going to try just journaling about the back yard. :) I'd like to try the altered books thing too. That looks very interesting!


I've always envied ones who can keep a visual journal. While I enjoy drawing, I have a very hard time doing quick sketches of things that catch my attention in my life's journey. I tend to do detailed projects that take days or weeks. I've tried keeping a written journal before. It worked when I was younger and had all the time in the world to spill ink on the blank pages, but I just don't seem to have the time for it. I have many started journals but no finished ones. Now with the internet and blogging and different ways to share a journal with people, I've taken the computer-age way of keeping a journal. While I don't find it quite as personal and I have a hard time really saying what I'm thinking instead of "talking about the weather" so to speak, I enjoy it very much. I think the journal pictured in your post is wonderful and inspiring. Are you going to give something like that a try?


Sounds like a wonderful project! Are you familiar with "altered books"? ( http://www.alteredbookartists.com/ ) I've always wanted to give this a go, too.

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