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Yeh, I was about to say the rule is to get a good editor, but then I thought, "Hey! Whadda I know? Like I've written stuff for pub or something?"


With music, I have to decide how long the piece of string needs to be. That is, what am I trying to convey here? What's the purpose of this song? Then cut whatever isn't needed to accomplish that. It's just like tying up a package. Too much string's just a waste, in the way. too little doesn't get the job done. getting it just right? Use a tad too much and trim.

But with a story, I could see how the trimming could be tough for a writer.


Thanks Mark! Self-editing sure is tough. I think it must take a degree of detachment and objectivity that I don't have right now. I'll keep working at it. It's nice to know I'm not the only one having these issues!


I have the same problem and try to remember what my story is conveying to the audience and if the extra words help or hinder...are they necessary for the point I'm trying to make, and of course, are they prohibiting the reader from enjoying the story? Self editing is tough! Good luck on the Jake stories!

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