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Crikey, before digital it must have cost a fortune to be a photographer!! Well, it's good to know that my ratio is about normal, anyway. Thanks Nancy. :)) Rick, thanks for the tips. I'm not sure if I had the white balance set to auto, prolly I did. I'm still learning about the camera, and about photography in general, but I'm sure having a lot of fun doing it.

Rick Lee

Try doing your extreme close-ups outdoors in daylight until you get used to the camera. It's very, very hard to hold the camera still enough in dim lighting. The sunsets are great. One thing that most people do wrong is to leave the camera set on "Auto White Balance" so the camera balances the pretty color right out of their sunset shots. Choosing "Daylight" is usually best for a sunset.


I think I mentioned before that, at one time, I had a photography business, so I shot LOTS of film. (Before the days of digital...) A photographer is usually quite pleased to get 2 or 3 acceptable photos from a roll of film, so you're doing very well! And the beauty is, you can just delete what you don't like and start over. :) Kudos on the sunsets...they're breathtaking.

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