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Cats and their easily-wounded dignity. Oh, and insousiance and touchiness and arrogance and... gosh, cats are so much more like people than dogs...


Our daughter's cat is visiting with us while she's a couple of hundred miles away getting her "settling in" situation taken care of (new place, new job, new mechanic for the car we bought her than her dad thoughtfully put fuel system cleaner in so... long story. *sigh*).

So, Bandit gets to play a LOT with Jaxson. Gets alternately hissed and swatted at or ignored by the two lady cats, generally ignored by the two LARGE dogs.

A happy camper, cos at least he has no inaccessible parrott to torment him, as in his former residence and the dogs stay away from his food.

I bet Jaxson and Bandit would have loads of fun with Biscuit. Looks like their kinda cat.


I love it when cats fall off of things, which they do, often. They always put this phony "I meant to do that!" look on their faces and sulk off for a few minutes to regain their composure. I love that you captured just the right moment.


I couldn't see any signs of trauma, other than the usual kitten-schizo-ness. But then, sadly, I don't get to see him every day. I hope he suffers no lasting emotional scars!

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