One-Line Bio

Without coffee, tea and chocolate, life wouldn't be worth living!


A long-time tea addict, and something of a tea snob, I used to shun coffee. But then a friend gave me an espresso maker for Christmas and dashed my snobbery all to hell. I became a total coffee addict, and for a long time my pretty china tea cups saw no action.

Recently I've returned to my first love, and I've found that both coffee and tea have their own special places in my heart and in my day. I'm still a snob in one way: Coffee belongs in large mugs. Tea belongs in delicate china. Other than that, I'm eclectic. I don't care what flavor you prefer, how it's drunk or what you put in it.

I've been working "on the web" since 1995, back in the days when the advent of the table tag was thrilling news. Print work was my career then, graphics my passion. Translating all this to the internet became my new career. I quit my day job and leapt into the abyss of self-employment. I've been swimming that sea ever since, and never once regretted it. Well, ok, maybe once.

The challenge of running a small business is, well, challenging. There've been times when I had nothing at all to do, when I had to force myself to learn self-promotion. And there've been times when I was so overwhelmed with work flowing in that I had to hire employees. It's an ebb and flow lifestyle, and not something one can control. You just have to learn to ride it.

That's MUCH easier to do with friend caffeine at hand, hence the main topic here: morning coffee and afternoon tea. And in the evening? Well, that depends.