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May 11, 2005


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» Calling All Caffeine Heads! from third world county
Christine has some great coffee clipart links up over at Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea Now you can stop stealing the art off her blog. :-) [Read More]


I thought this is a free clipart site - if not then I will delete immediately, as I would never ever steal from anyone!


Just found your site and I LOVE it! I am also drooling for that first issue of VICTORIA.I suggest we introduce as many people as possible to this amazing magazine. If take one side of the Mississippi River,I'll take the other. We'll go door to door,park bence to park bence.


>No lopping. I can't stand all that blood. eeeew.

For some reason, that reminded me of the couple of reactions I've had (comment/emails) to my mock haggis recipe for the Carnival of the Recipes this week...



What? Who's stealing from my site??? Thief! Off with yer head!! Off with yer ...

Just kidding. No lopping. I can't stand all that blood. eeeew.

Thanks! Now I can stop stealing stuff from your site!


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