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April 01, 2005


Heidi Hurley

I am growing a beautiful Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) plant in my garden that is now flowering (the end of October!). Can I just dried the leaves and or flowers and make echinacea tea from it? There is no danger is there?


Echinacea, for it to work efficiently, one must take certain measures to maintain optimal potency of Echinacea. For instance, echinacea works best; ORGANIC and in root form. Most Health food stores carry this by the bulk which makes it easier to "try it out." Also, you must make sure that the water is NOT TAP. Spring or Distilled water works best. A teaspoon per cup of water(or more water, if desired) should do the trick. Also, Mixed with ORGANIC Goldenseal and slippery-elm won't hurt either.


Hi Christine,
You can use all three but the root is stronger than the flower or stem. According to GardenGuides on Echinacea, you should "wait three years before you use the root because the plant's constituents must mature. You can use the leaves and flowers sooner, but the root is the strongest part of the plant."

There's a LOT of good information at GardenGuides, if you're interested in growing and harvesting your own echinacea. Have fun!

Christine Dupuis

What part of the echinacea plant do I use to make tea? The flower, leaves, stems or roots?

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